Iezerovo Ring Inscription decyphered by Prominent Romanian Andrada Group Researcher Mr Florin Croitoru

Inelul de la Iezerovo Descifrat Definitiv

Iertați că lansez aici, luând în serios calitățile unice pe care le căutăm, o profesoară devotată și competentă a celei mai vechi, expresive, pline de diminutive, bogate în noțiuni, întemeietoare de suflete, dulci, unitare, stabile,  și întru totul exemplare limbi omenești !!!
Perfectly explained in a five-minute YouTube video by the author, congenial unconformist researcher in the line of Schliemann, Ventris, Faucounau, Vennemann and Gnaediger, Mr Florin Croitoru !
Congratulations for a clear breakthrough in Indo-European Studies !
European Neolithical Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology, Tradition, Folklore, Sociolinguistics, and History are now converging towards an astonishingly coherent picture of the Old European Script well in advance of the Black Sea Deluge which ended at noon one cardinal day of September 5508 BC…
OECI floruit from 11000 BC, OESC at least from 9000 BC, people with mature pottery, script, fertility and funeral rituals, perfect science, justice, peace and Poetry spread into Europe immediately after the last glaciation (Würm) and two millennia before the Younger Dryas in Mittel Europa’s Dobrudja-like  Steppes, 3000 years before the expansion of LBKE people beyond the Elbe, building complex, related, significant megalithic structures throughout the Continent and 300 m high Pyramids complete with huge networks of subterranean cities and uncounted tons of gold and treasures.
Iezerovo ring code is now broken by Romanian Genius ! DacoRomanian mature and stable 2500 year ago, before the departure of the Dardans as „Peoples of the Sea” in the Great Mycenian Migration thru the Dardanelles, Crete, Aegypt, Lybia, Carthage to finally settle as immigrants in Latium, Italy and found Rome 757 BC (AUC 1). Pre-Greek, Proto-Latin Daco-Romanian is with Pre-Indo-European Ergative and guttural Khattic Basque (Iberian) and Georgian (Ivirian) the most ancient, stable and resourceful human language.
Iertați insistența ! Eu cred în viitorul neamului românesc mai mult ca în trecutul său incredibil de vast și de bogat, unic la scară istorică și planetară ! Noapte bună !