Israel’s WWDs: German Made Nuclear Armed Dolphins

Principala amenințare nucleară contra Europenilor și cea mai apropiată fizic este aceea a Israelului, care a amenințat Roma în mod explicit, iar nu Iranul care în ciuda propagandei mondialiste, nu are submarine nucleare !


  1. Did Syria Sink An Israeli Submarine? – May 29, 2013
    Was the Nuke Attack of May 4/5 Retaliation?
    “A story out of Syria claiming it sunk a German built nuclear armed submarine operated by the government of Israel has not only been partially confirmed, but that a fully confirmed nuclear attack on Syria is now believed to have been Israeli retaliation for that sinking.”
    Nuclear Attack on Syria 2 – May 11, 2013
    The identification of the nuclear explosion can be confirmed by the lightning observed in the mushroom cloud cited discussed by Veteran’s Today: Gordon Duff.
    Nuclear Bomb Blast
    “The fireball produces temperatures up to millions of degrees, shock waves similar to a large earthquake, flashes similar to lightning and intense radiation.”
    The use of a nuclear weapon has also been confirmed by the flash driving all spectrums of monitoring cameras into saturation.
    Israel Nuclear Attack On Syria Confirmed – May 07, 2013
    “The information blackout is telling, this explosion never got mentioned AT ALL in the Mexican press, which is reporting zero about ANYTHING happening in Syria right now. WHY??? Analysis of the video from Syria proves it to be a nuclear air burst beyond all doubt.
    Many people said the blast could not have been nuclear because the color was wrong. But a frame analysis of the exact frame that captured the initial blast proves the camera maxed out in all 3 color channels, which by itself proves the blast was nuclear.
    So why not MSM reports about this major event – Nuclear Blackmail.
    The May 5, 2013 Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria – 55 Dead? Make That 10,000! – – May 14, 2013
    “Then Syria reported the complete loss of 2 entire military divisions, and the Aleppo airport to three huge blasts “of a weapons type they had not witnessed before”.
    So the real death count (could) be in the tens of thousands, and Syria might not even have a real military left.
    “Why are Russia and Syria silent about the nuking?” Answer: Nuclear Blackmail”

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Israel’s WWDs: German Made Nuclear Armed Dolphins

Damascus, Latakia, Damascus Airports: Israel’s Secret Sub Dolphin Operating in the Mediterranean Sea


At least one of Israel’s 5 Weapons of World Destruction, WWDs: German Made Nuclear Armed Dolphin Submarine is Nuking Syria via the Mediterranean Sea.

„Israeli submarines carried out the attack on an arms depot in the Syrian port city of Latakia on July 5, according to a report published in the British Sunday Times. US media previously claimed the offensive was carried out by the Israel Air Force.

The Times cited Middle East intelligence sources as stating that the Israeli Dolphin-class submarines targeted a contingent of 50 Russian-made Yakhont P-800 anti-ship missiles that had reportedly arrived earlier this year to support Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.” This information is significant in that it adds to the overwhelming evidence on the use of nuclear weapons in Syria by Israel.  All the…

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