Occidens, occidere est nomen tuum !

Why are they all into this orgy of murders ?

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2011

Morris has a profound analyis : The West has committed treason : The West kills the Rest because the West traded the Christian roots for Talmudic „values”. America, Australia and the for ever „new” centuries came to life by democide, genocide, „targeted assassination”, „deletion”, „marking for death”, „listing in the death list”, large scale, and all-scale murders. Even a pen as humble as mine received death threats from Ziotrolls, which I duly reported and registered with Trusted Third Parties while I was writing for Wikipedia. I also remember an honest American soldier „serving” „his” „homeland” in Iraq. He was asked what was he doing there.

– We kill people here, Sir…

As Hoffmann showed, the Talmudists replaced the Tora, the Word of God, with the Babylon-born weired superstition, strange „gods” and the „words” of „rabbinical” „tradition”, complete with human sacrifice. But then again, for the Talmud the jew and only the jew is human, and the non-jew is a beast. This is the very paradigm of racism, coming to you in select theaters from a „race” – the only one which is not a race but an Asian-Mediterranean-European mixture. For the Babylonian sacrifice to „succeed”, the beasts (goyim) need to be consenting. That’s what Western media teaches : submit, think you are free, consume, and there it is – you are dead !

We had, in the West, a culture of life – Eternal life.

We have become, by our own choice, the seed of destruction and death.

This is called murder, and then, suicide. What a miserable exit for the West in history :

Occidens, occidere est nomen tuum !

Saint John, so close to Jesus Christ, has said it : the wages of sin is death.

Truth needs not be invented.

Only lies are invented.

And when the West lies, the Rest dies!

Whoever chooses life has Truth for life. And Eternal Life is Life in Truth.

Morris and Hoffmann seek Truth. The West will make everything, everything and I mean everything in „order” to silence them. Do not increase silence yourself, until silence becomes deafening and mortal for us all !