United Nothingness Syndrome

Never before, in the history of the West, did so many do so little for the Rest…

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2011

… Except exploiting them into submission or else murdering and bombing them maimed into „liberation”. How fake the West has been flowering! How low has descended the seed of death beneath the seed of life!

The UN is now useless, a vulgar propaganda institute at qorst, an expensive rubberstamp gerontocracy at best.

Where is :

law (such as the Geneva Convention)
justice (when the International Criminal Court is itself criminal)
the kingdom (when merchants and money changers dictate to the kings)
the sovereign state (where international „order” only produces chaos)
morality (when we are imprisoned for rejecting indignity)
humanity (when „humanitarian” becomes a sticker for bombs)
culture (when satanists lead the child killing spree)
family (when fathers are hunted for being fathers)
language (when the entire population is functionally dyslexic)
tradition (when language is lost for the nations)
freedom (when assemblies, speech, information, religion, body and identity are stolen)
religion (when belief is „united” into ecumenical wishful thinking performed for us by useful idiots).
right (when information is poisoned by the might of truth killers)
achievement (when Nobel „prize” for „peace” is given to mass murderers).

„Democracy” is nothing else but a pyramid scheme for kakocracy, directed by cryptocracy, through kleptocracy, into hemocracy.

Therefore, we have become, in the West, nothing more than a „culture” of reptilian values. Gandhi said that the Western Civilization „would be a very good idea„. Toynbee wrote that civilizations do not die, only commit suicide. As far as I know, ours is a world of God’s creation, not a nest for the terminally insane criminal leaders of the West.

The West-serving „united” „nations” have become nothing at all.

The „united” „nations” have now „recognized” a bunch of murderous traitors, thugs and thieves as „representative” of a nation, in a matter of seven months of intense puppeteering, while another nation, being attacked continuously for seven decades, is still „rejected” from this „union”.

In a murderous game of monumentally stupid yet infinitely criminal soul-destroying attempts, Palestine, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Kosovo, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Pakistan, Iran are continuously attacked even as I write this line.

During my lifetime I have witnessed the demise of nations and of everything that pertains to them. But nowhere did I see a single real soul receding in front of adversity.

So look : how laughable this diabolic killing attempt has become!

How can someone think about destroying souls, thinking, ideals, and singularly, or even a single idea which is simply good?

How can someone even think about killing Truth?

Oh, I know. Reptiles can. But then again, reptilian brains are no brains at all. They only think they „think”, in a satanic wink. Yes, the reptilian brain is no brain at all – only an excuse for scale growing “structures”.

There are the roots in the West.

And there are the fruits.

All roots are now cut loose by hundreds of years of relentless repression of the Christian Civilization, in order to poison the fruits.

Repression of the Christian Civilization always showed wickedness. This coward attempt is nothing else but shame for the criminals planning more bitterness of ripe fruits.

Attacks of the West against the Christian Civilization only make the original roots clearly visible.

The original roots of Western Civilization are the Glory, the Might and the Kingdom of Christ – our Savior.

Repression of the Christian Civilization only produced saints and martyrs, even as we were busy looking into the opposite direction, in the general direction of nowhere.

Let us not be confused! Only fruits show the nature of the tree. Kill the seed, and you are in for an orgy of mortal fruits.

Occidens, nomen tuum occidere est !

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