Invizibilitatea inamicilor lui Abaris

Ministeribilii minciunilor

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
Copyright © 2008

Lumea de azi ar fi imposibil de priceput pentru Abaris. Nu prin tehnologie, ci prin minciuni. John Pilger face un serviciu tuturor scriind astfel:

Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four lexicon of opposites pervades almost everything we see, hear and read now. The invaders and destroyers are „the British coalition forces,” surely as benign as that British institution, St. John Ambulance, who are „bringing democracy” to Iraq. BBC television describes Israel as having „two hostile Palestinian entities on its borders,” neatly inverting the truth that Israel is actually inside Palestinian borders. A study by Glasgow University says that young British viewers of TV news believe Israelis illegally colonizing Palestinian land are Palestinians: the victims are the invaders.

The great crimes against most of humanity,” wrote the American cultural critic James Petras, „are justified by a corrosive debasement of language and thought… [that] have fabricated a linguistic world of terror, of demons and saviors, of axes of good and evil, of euphemisms” designed to disguise a state terror that is „a gross perversion” of democracy, liberation, reform, justice. In his reinauguration speech, George Bush mentioned all these words, whose meaning, for him, is the dictionary opposite.

It is 80 years since Edward Bernays, the father of public relations, predicted a pervasive „invisible government” of corporate spin, suppression and silence as the true ruling power in the United States. That is true today on both sides of the Atlantic. How else could America and Britain go on such a spree of death and mayhem on the basis of stupendous lies about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, even a „mushroom cloud over New York”? When the BBC radio reporter Andrew Gilligan reported the truth, he was pilloried and sacked along with the BBC’s director general, while Blair, the proven liar, was protected by the liberal wing of the media and given a standing ovation in parliament.

John Pilger descrie spre exemplu acestea despre Hugo Chavez (de comparat cu tot ce auzim din mediile oficiale, toate într-un cor mult prea monoton pentru a nu fi suspect):

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